FMP URL redirection with Node-RED

Have you ever tried to provide FMP URLs to users only to find that your environment was refusing to make the FMP URL a clickable link? This problem is common in web-based email clients, wikis, and other workgroup communications platforms.

The last post on Node-RED focused on installing and configuring a production-ready Node-RED server. In this post, we’ll look at how you can use Node-RED to improve the reliability of FMP URLs.

Scenario: Your system sends a notification to users via email, which includes an FMP URL to open the relevant record in FileMaker Pro or Go. But web based email clients might not output the FMP URL as a hyperlink.

Scenario 2: You wish to include FMP URLs in an environment that will not treat them as hyperlinks, like Microsoft Teams or a wiki platform.

Solution: Instead of including an FMP URL in the email, call a Node-RED service that will perform a redirection.

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